Friday, May 23, 2008

thanks, Teacher!

Had to thank the teachers for helping my kids. Made these reversible Simply Salutations blocks in a teaching print to show my gratitude.
The gesture was well received.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hint Hint

Just a teaser as to what's coming. Our "Stuffers" were a BIG seller last year and we are itchin' to be stichin' again.
We put our fabric creations through an aging process to make them look properly primmed and 'tiqued.
Painted, stained and baked to perfection these pumpkins look and SMELL so good.
You'll have to catch us at the Santa Clara, Utah Swiss Days Craft Fair this fall... come early as we tend to sell out.
Wait 'til we post the witch hat. It's positively spellbinding.
Group of three pumpkins $60
Have to give props to Tennessee Ridge Primitives for helping our creative process!
AND Keep the comments coming on our postings this week at all of our blogsites. We're picking random comments to bestow a gift upon. Winners and prizes will be posted on Saturday!