Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just a Simple Reminder

Don't forget, if you want to purchase an Alpine Halloween Tree from us, we need your order by 3pm tomorrow, Friday Sept 5th.
The tree sizes are:
4ft- $20
3ft- $16
2ft- $12.
Prices are for the TREE~ not the decor.
Only Utah residents this time around- Preferably in the following counties:
Salt Lake
St. George friends, we'll bring your tree to Santa Clara Swiss Days, Sept 27th.
And to everyone who has already ordered~ you are going to LOVE this tree. So fun!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We're Making These

These are prototype examples.
Each section will be wired together with a loop to hang it from your front door.
Lettering painted to patterned, scrapbook paper.
We can also make these as blocks for a shelf.

We need some help

We've been hired to decorate a Halloween Tree in a candy theme.

We're making all of the ornaments

and we need descriptive words for

Halloween Flavors.

(We're making plaques)

Can you help?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Halloween Tree

Saying It Simply has an opportunity to order a Halloween Tree for you!
Just like a Christmas Alpine, but instead of green, it's BLACK!
Four feet tall, wood trunk and black metal base.
We have to limit purchases to our customers in Utah this time.
Preferably people in Davis County, Salt Lake County, Utah County, Weber County, Cache County and Washington County.
We're offering to place your order for $20.
That will include shipping to us and we'll deliver it to you.
For our St. George friends, we'll bring your tree to
Swiss days in Santa Clara on September 27th.
This offer is for the TREE ONLY.
Ornaments and decor are not included.
We need to place a large order and do it quickly.
If this interests you, email us @
We can also order
a 2' tall tree for $12
a 3' tree for $16
Smaller tree prices are dependant upon at least 6 purchases on the order we place.
To guarantee a speedy delivery, we will close this offer on Friday September 5, 2008.

Bag o' Treats, not Tricks

Saying It Simply Halloween Grab Bag
For $25
(plus tax and shipping when applicable)
Great bowl fillers or decor for your Halloween Tree!
We're offering
3 Halloween plaques
Trick or Treat
Come Sit for a Spell
(normally 3 for $15)
10 stuffed and antiqued Prim Candies
Varied fabrics
(normally $10)
A Prim Crow
He has rusty wire legs
(normally $6)
3 stuffed and antiqued stars
Varied sizes and styles
(normally 3 for $12)
All of that would be $43
but if you order it before
September 15th
You can have it for
Place your order by emailing us @

Thank You

We were so excited to have all of you participate in our Auctions! This is a great cause and every penny will help this family.
Auction #1 The Witch Hat was won by: The Slade Family for $42
Auction #2 Nesting Crow on Moon was won by: The Slade Family for $13
Auction #3 Large Witch Boot was won by: The Young's for $25
Winners, you need to go to Stephanie and Christian's PayPal account(click on the lefthand Donate to NieNie button); pay for your auction items and then send your receipt via email to ( don't forget to give us your address)
As soon as we receive the receipt, we will send off your prize! DesignMom has posted more auctions.