Friday, March 14, 2008

Celebrate Easter!

It doesn't take much to add a splash of celebration. Our Easter & Spring items can used to: bring life to a corner; spruce up a basket; adorn a shelf; enhance a centerpiece.
Find a corner in your kitchen where you bring the holiday to life. A shelf in each bedroom designated for holiday decor, reminds family there is always something coming up! Simple accents of each holiday tucked into your every day decor brings renewal to an old decoration. I like to hide our little chicks and rabbits in different locations each day. The giggles bounce off our walls when they spot chicky-eyes peeking from leafy hideouts or bunnies bouncing behind a favorite book.
How can we help you CeLeBRaTe your family, friends, holidays, traditions and memories?
How can we help you WELCOME SPRING?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Personalize IT!

Love the custom orders!
The first photo is of a special purchase. The BEARD~families are forever sign was distressed and we applied the stain in a way it would highlight the center of the name and it also focuses in on the main point that this FAMILY IS FOREVER.
The second photo is of a wall display we made. Simply put, it's a personalized name sign and frames in complementing colors. (picture does not show this: the phrase "our son" is painted in green beneath Zachary.)
If you've purchased a SPECIAL sign from us, let us know how we did by leaving a thought on this blog! Thanks for checking us out and please let us know if we should keep sharing.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

We're getting busy!!!

"WHoooooooo Hoooooo!" To everyone we saw this weekend, and especially to those who ordered,we can't say thanks enough!!!
Kourtney and I can be found this week sanding and sawing, painting and perfecting. So, if you have something you want done.... get back to us soon! We are definitely in the Making Mode!
Did you know we can make blocks that say your favorite words?
Live~Laugh~Love Enjoy~Enrich~Enlighten Search~Ponder~Pray Live~Enjoy~Simplify Sing~Laugh~Dance Fork~Spoon~Knife Breakfast-Lunch~Dinner
Whatever you may want to say, in your favorite colors and you pick the font!
3 block set: $12
Block length is determined by the length of the word.