Friday, March 14, 2008

Celebrate Easter!

It doesn't take much to add a splash of celebration. Our Easter & Spring items can used to: bring life to a corner; spruce up a basket; adorn a shelf; enhance a centerpiece.
Find a corner in your kitchen where you bring the holiday to life. A shelf in each bedroom designated for holiday decor, reminds family there is always something coming up! Simple accents of each holiday tucked into your every day decor brings renewal to an old decoration. I like to hide our little chicks and rabbits in different locations each day. The giggles bounce off our walls when they spot chicky-eyes peeking from leafy hideouts or bunnies bouncing behind a favorite book.
How can we help you CeLeBRaTe your family, friends, holidays, traditions and memories?
How can we help you WELCOME SPRING?


Jess said...

That is very well put! I like the idea of putting them somewhere different. I can just hear the giggles now.

You and your Sis are doing such a great job with SIS! Love it.

any ideas for my table and picture hanger above it? Do you want the measurements for the table. I think it will be my happy corner! can't wait.

The Crocketts said...

I got my rabbit and I LOVE it! I'm going to take a picture of where I put it in my entry way and post it on my blog. It is so cute! You guys are so talented. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

The cute bunnies with carrots are darling! I bought 2 and they are going to be "hiding" on my shelves in the living room for all to see.
I love how you've dyed the fabric to such earthy tones. They are a great touch to anyone's Easter decor and in fact for all year!

Barb D.

Greg and Jana said...

I just received my bunnies today and I can't wait to decorate with them. I know that Easter is just days away and I'm a little late in my decorating but they will be a nice new addition to my lackluster Easter decor.

Jennifer Evans Dunford said...

The bunnies are soooo cute! Easter is coming way too fast this year. I'm afraid it has come and gone before I had a chance to get one! Next year!