Thursday, February 14, 2008

Please Leave Comments!!!

Kourtney & I would love to know what you think about this site. Please leave comments or email us with suggestions and questions. We are both VERY new to the blogging world-------- is there anything we can do to make this EXCITING? What can we do to make you come back for more? A Giveaway, perhaps? Any takers? xxoo, k&k


bevany said...

I love it. I check it every day. I was too late for Valentine start posting spring and easter stuff early. I'm all over a give away too. If I had a bigger house I would buy lots from you. Maybe someday!! Oh yeah...and I'm still looking for something to hide my shoes in the front room...remember me asking Kourtney?

Christina said...

I love the colors that you've chosen for your spring items, they're just what every home needs to help us all get out of our winter rut.

Natalie said...

These blocks are darling! I found your blog through my sister's blog and I love it. New pictures of things you are creating are a real draw for me! Plus a simple tutorial of how to make something craft is always good! (I know you want to sell as much of your stuff as possible and not give away too much but sharing an idea often brings readers!)