Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How do the ones you LOVE measure up?

No more writing on the wall left behind when it's time to relocate!

Our Simply Sized Board travels! We make it on a 6' pine board, that you simply mount to your wall 6 inches up from the ground with 2 anchors and screws. It will keep track of your kiddos growth up to 6 1/2 feet. A metal strip makes marking the newest heights they've reached Easy Peasy with our personalized, initialled, magnetic markers.
To keep your history of heights, we suggest a sharpie or paint pen. Jot down names and dates right on Simply Sized. That way, the whole FAM can see how your "LOVES" grow!!!
And, as always, you choose your colors! (Numbers and inch marks are painted)


Anonymous said...

too cute. what a great idea.

Anonymous said...


justmarlie said...

this idea is simply AWESOME!!!
when my kids were growing up, i marked their sizes on the inside of a closet door. It made me very sad to move away after 27 years and not be able to take that door with me!! (i hadn't thought ahead, had i)? I had no where to put the door in my new condo even if i COULD HAVE moved it - it was a different size!! A year ago Christmas time I bought one of these SIMPLY SIZED charts from the "SIS" girls for my oldest son to use for his little children. I LOVE seeing it hanging on a wall in their little condo.... takes me back to the good ole days!
xo love you girls!! marlie

Saying It Simply said...

thanks marlie!!! we are so glad you're happy with your purchases. we can't express our gratitude for your support! talk to you soon! kris