Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mind Your Manners

This was the first sign I (Kris) made. It hangs in my kitchen. My mother-in-law owns one that she allowed us to borrow to doll up our house in preparation to sell. ~She has the best taste~ I remember hearing my oldest son, then 5, reading her sign. He turned to his 2 year old brother and said, "That sign says to 'Say Please and Thank you'~ it means to MIND OUR MANNERS". My younger son, from that moment on, would recite what his brother had said every time he passed the wall decoration. I knew I had to have one for my very own. I also decided by decorating my house with simple sayings I would inadvertently be teaching my kids. I hope you'll give us an opportunity to help you show everyone who enters your home exaclty what your family is all about.


Amy said...

I love this sign . It's SO dang cute. I get SO many comments on my sign you guys did. How would you feel if I posted you guys on my blog? Let me know.

Saying It Simply said...

Thanks Amy! We would love to be posted on your blog. I love how your sign looks as our spotlight! Remember, if you need anything else~ a special quote you can't find anywhere, we're happy to zip out some examples. Take care! Kris