Thursday, March 27, 2008

Simply Sassy

What do think~ Should we make these?
Something else we have been tossing around as an idea for our next show. Painted chopsticks we bejeweled with beading.

Beads are on wire and can be slightly twisted to doll up a messy bun!

Doesn't she look cute? She was all glittered up for a princess party!

Side note: We did not make the tutu pictured here.


Brooke said...

It's kind of hard to see what they really look like.

JoAnna said...

I can see how cute they are. I think you should definitely make those too.

The Ingebretsen's... said...

You are not a terrible neighbor, I am just a hermit. I never leave my house! I actually need some help with Emery on Tuesday, but he has had croop. So I don't want to leave him with anyone. Luckily the doctor said he should be good by Friday!

Jennifer Evans Dunford said...

I love the beaded chopsticks. If I know a couple of princesses that would love them. Unfortunately my daughter will not sit still long enough for me to put her hair up, but I think they are adorable.