Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Country ~ Land that I love

We wanted to share some of our other patriotic samplings.
Here is our new take on the wired USA blocks
with painted lettering on paper.
We know we didn't post it too long ago, but it never hurts to do a reminder, right?
This was a favorite from last year
4 block set that could be set in any way you desired.
(we personally liked it to look a little like the flag)
Both the OLD GLORY & USA blocks have been distressed
for that oh-so-antiqued look in this photo.
Old Glory $15 ~ USA (w/out paper) $8
If you have any questions, please email us (Kourtney and Kristine) @
Don't forget to enter the GiVeaWaY!


Anonymous said...

Splendid! I love what you ladies create.

Libbi said...

Hey there - can I get this sign for my door? If yes, I would like to go ahead and order it! Also - I would love the wired blocks in just a "summer" sign. Similar to the "spring" one (which is still hanging on my door btw). Is this an official order or should I email you? :)

Christina said...

I love the block set I got last year though I have to say I like the crisp and clean look better than the distressed look. at least for my flag. but to each his own, thanks for making me festive!