Thursday, August 28, 2008

Help Someone & Get Something in Return

It's Nie Nie Day and we're participating in the Silent Auction Campaign that is happening today around Blog World. Go to my personal blog to find out what this is all about here Go to cjanerun to read a sister's account of what is happening. DesignMom has a listing of all Auctions We hope you find some way to help this family. For those of you Sending Cards, here's the address: c/o Stephanie and Christian Nielson Maricopa County Hospital 2601 East Roosevelt St. Phoenix, AZ 85008 Happy Bidding!

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The Crocketts said...

That's awesome that you guys are doing this! I just wanted to share a correction with you. For the mailing address, it's Maricopa county not Mari Copa, just thought you might want to know. I hope that this family gets all the help they need!