Sunday, November 8, 2009

Something's Happening

The Holidays are upon us! It's time to snuggle up!

Everyone should have a Skoodie by S.I.S.
A scarf and hoodie rolled into one! We can custom make one to match your style! Fun and Fab fabrics. Also, we're making them for the kiddo's, too!
*Getting ready to post new items on Etsy.
S.I.S. will be on Studio 5 (Utah TV) on Wednesday, Nov. 11th. @ 11am ... (oh my. 11-11 @ 11. That sounds lucky.)
*it's our re*it*er*ate books~ not Kourtney or me.
This incredible opportunity is due to the workings of the beautiful Nikki of Mindy Mae's Market Boutique.

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