Sunday, March 9, 2008

We're getting busy!!!

"WHoooooooo Hoooooo!" To everyone we saw this weekend, and especially to those who ordered,we can't say thanks enough!!!
Kourtney and I can be found this week sanding and sawing, painting and perfecting. So, if you have something you want done.... get back to us soon! We are definitely in the Making Mode!
Did you know we can make blocks that say your favorite words?
Live~Laugh~Love Enjoy~Enrich~Enlighten Search~Ponder~Pray Live~Enjoy~Simplify Sing~Laugh~Dance Fork~Spoon~Knife Breakfast-Lunch~Dinner
Whatever you may want to say, in your favorite colors and you pick the font!
3 block set: $12
Block length is determined by the length of the word.


Shawni said...

Hi Kris, thanks for saying hi on my blog. It looks like you guys are busy! So many creative things on this blog!

The Childrens Nest said...

Found you through a blog through another blog and another blog and so forth. I used to live in St. George and have been to your store before...LOVE all you girls do! I noticed on your blog that you would love to get your hands on some old Martha Stewart Kids mags. I have 8 past issues and I LOVE them to death but I have seen them on Ebay so try looking there! My sister and I just started a new website and blog called and our blog is You should check it out!! We have some fun things on it! I would love to have a link to your blog from ours and maybe if you like ours you could do the same! Good luck with all you do!!

The Childrens Nest said...

Wait a minute, did you have a store in St. George? I hope I did not get confused. Anyways I think what you girls do is so fun!! I love your blog and all of your adorable things!

simply kris said...

Nope, not us! Unless you consider a booth at Santa Clara's Swiss Days a store!!! ;) But thanks for finding us! I am checking out ebay for the past issues right after this message! Thanks for the tip. We are trying to keep this blog as clutter free as possible- but let me talk to Kourtney about creating the links. (you understand, partners and all. even though I am the oldest and I am the Saying part in Saying It Simply~she's the Simply and keeps me in control)

Jennifer Evans Dunford said...

Your custom signs are the best! The quote boards that you made for me went over big with my family. Everyone could not figure out how you painted the letters on! I still can't figure out how you get them so pristine! The talent astounds me! Thanks!!!!!